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Terms and Conditions for Delivery

(valid since: September 17, 2016 till 31 , December 2016)

The following terms and conditions for delivery and payment shall govern all deliveries and services. Any conflicting purchasing terms and conditions of the Customer are hereby expressly rejected. Any such purchasing terms and conditions shall apply only if we expressly confirm them in writing. Acceptance of the delivered goods shall be deemed acknowledgement of our terms and conditions.

1 Prices/Terms and Conditions of Payment

We calculate the applicable prices on the date of delivery, such prices being in Egyptian Pound (EGP)

2. Delivery Dates

We deliver your coffee within 2 : 3 working days by zones conditions and We will endeavor to adhere to stipulated delivery deadlines.
- Shipping to any place outside Cairo through Aramex – and pay by credit card
- Shipping inside Cairo by Shaheen delivery rep. Payment method, cash on delivery or credit card.

3. Packaging

Our Standard coffee packs are 250 gm unless otherwise agreed, we will accept the return of packaging to up/down 250 gm